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Perforce Opened

Have you ever wanted to query what files that you have opened or checkedout in your workspace or client from the command line? If so, here is the command:

p4 opened

You can even query specific folders, like this:

p4 opened directory\...

Note that this command will recursively search down all sub-directories looking for opened files in the current workspace.

If you want to find all opened files by all users and in all workspaces for a certain directory or branch, then use this command:

p4 opened -a directory\...

Here is the command to find all the opened in another workspace or client.

p4 opened -C Client_Name

Note that "-C" is with a capital "C", because lower case "c" denotes a CL. So if you want to query the opened files in a particular CL, then use this command:

p4 opened -c CL

Also, do not confuse this command, "p4 opened", with the similarly named command of "p4 open" that will open or checkout files; because if you do, then you will recursively checkout all the files in a directory.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/20/2011

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