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Perforce Print

If you want to access a version of a file that you have not synced and do not want to sync first, you can run this command:

p4 print filename<version>

By default (without the "version"), it will display the head version, equivalent to this:

p4 print filename#head

However, you can specify any version number like this:

p4 print filename#5

Or, you can specify any CL number like this:

p4 print filename@1234567

The "p4 print ..." command is great for text files, but what if you want to execute an older version of a binary file. You would have to re-direct the output of "p4 print ..." to another file like this example and then you can run this new file.

p4 print -o new_file filename#4

Note that a "#" symbol is used for version numbers, have, and head. And the "@" symbol is used for CL numbers.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/18/2011

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