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Pet Peeve #1: No Long Term Future

A friend recently asked me what is one of my pet peeves. I responded that my biggest pet peeve is:

The stupidity of people for not caring about their long term future
and for not caring about humanity and the world.

People who know me would say that this response is a typical answer from me.

I still think that a lot of people need to be more serious about their life, the world, and mankind. I also think everyone should be trying to continuously improve themselves and the world around them. And I think people should be more concerned with long term issues.

Therefore, I actually think that people should not cope with their pet peeves. I think pet peeves are signs and opportunities for people to try changing the world around them for the better. By attempting to resolve pet peeves at the source of the problem, they are less likely to annoy anyone ever again.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/01/2008

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