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Pet Peeve #2: Public Toilets

It is time for me to stand on my soapbox again and complain to the world about another pet peeve of mine. This time, it is:

People who use public toilets and do not flush
or do not use toilet paper.

These people know who they are. It is as if they were born and raised in a barn without modern amenities, personal hygiene education, or care for other people.

I think I struck the head of the nailÖ people donít seem to care about other people. Even when they themselves are the recipient of someone else not caring, people will do the same as if that is the norm instead of trying to change the world one little bit at a time.

So that is the problem. People do not care enough. It is difficult to try to change people, but maybe if they are shown the error of their ways would they maybe change their ways. So, as a result, this article was written.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/02/2008

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