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Pet Peeve #5: The Best Parking Space

One of my biggest pet peeves is drivers circling in parking lots and drivers following pedestrians looking for the closest empty parking space.

The amount of time wasted in trying to find the best parking space is truly staggering. If you pay close attention, it makes more sense to park in a much more distance parking space. Without as much traffic, parking at the end of a parking lot is much faster and safer, and the time to walk to the final destination is typically less than the time looking and waiting for the best possible parking space. As I always say, time is our most important asset, so donít waste it.

Additionally, parking right away saves gasoline. That mean saving money too.

Furthermore, I noticed that fatter people are waiting for premium parking spaces as much as skinny people. Walking the extra distance is good for everyone, so it is even healthier. So walking more is better.

Therefore, I think people need to be less lazy and less greedy when parking their cars.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/09/2009

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