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Plant Trees on Public Land

Ever think of a new way for everyone to easily help the environment? Well, I think I just did.

Almost everyday, my wife and I take a walk in our community. During these walks, we found a lot of public land that is not being used to their full potential. My idea is simple. Private citizens, not people working for their local city or private communities, should plant additional trees on public land.

Just use the seeds or seedlings of local native trees that are easily available. Most likely, these seeds and seedlings just need to be planted in the ground in a desirable location. But remember, public land gets periodically mowed by people not concerned about small plants, so plant the seeds where it will most likely not get mowed.

So, the next time you are doing yard work, collect as many native seeds as you can in a small bag. Then take a short walk in your local neighborhood (you probably need the exercise as much as I do), and plant these seeds where ever you think is a good location. Eventually, our neighborhoods will look much better with more trees, and these trees will help the environment too by removing pollution and carbon dioxide from the air that is supposedly causing global warming.

Since papaya trees flourish where we live, my wife and I are going to plant as many papaya seeds as we possible can. Thus, we will eventually be able to get free fruit that we plan on harvesting during our daily walks. You too should consider planting fruit trees that easily grow in your area.

So, please do your part by helping the environment. Thank you!

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/10/2007

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