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Plant a BETTER Tree

Have you noticed that your home sits on a large yard that could be saving you money and helping the environment?

For years, environmentalists (such as the Sierra Club) have been telling us to plant trees to help the environment, yet we have not planted many trees. Cars produce an ever increasing amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that trees can convert back into oxygen. Supposedly, this excess carbon dioxide is causing global warming, as well as other pollution problems. However, people are still not planting trees everywhere they could.

People need more of an incentive to plant trees. We should plant fruit trees on our land. Not just any fruit tree, but fruit trees that are native to the region so they require less maintenance and water. As a result, this will help the environment and save people money. The more food their trees produce, the less food they have to buy! I don't know about you, but I do notice that the price of living goes up year after year. Every little bit helps. And if your trees produce too much fruit, just give your extra fruit to your friends and family. I am sure they will do the same. This is also an excellent opportunity to be more neighborly by giving a big bag of food to your neighbors.

So tomorrow morning, please walk around your yard, especially your front yard that is typically the most barren, find each place a tree can be planted, and plant some fruit seeds that you can easily find in your refrigerator. Next, congratulate yourself and wait a few years for your effort to take fruit.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/14/2006

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