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A Plan to Rid the World of Polluting Power Plants

It may seem impossible, yet there is a simple way to rid the world of each polluting power plant. I think this simple four step plan can do just that. This plan may be simple, but each step will be difficult.

Step 1: Pass a law that all new power plants must be environmentally friendly.

Simply put, each government in the world can enact a straight forward law that requires all new power plants to be constructed to not be harmful to the environment. Therefore, no new power plants that burn fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas, etc.) or use radioactive fission as sources of energy that is harmful to the environment would be allowed to be built. So, all new power plants must be solar, hydro, wind, or some other experimental source of energy that is both clean and renewable. This is the most feasible step of the plan, because the current high prices of oil make alternative sources of energy price competitive. Especially since the costs of oil is not likely to go down in the future with dwindling oil sources, and the costs of alternative sources of power decreasing. Furthermore, utility companies would still be guaranteed large profits whatever the sources of energy they may use.

Step 2: Pass a law to stop allowing existing and unclean power plants to be upgraded.

If a law is passed to prevent existing polluting power plants to increase their capacity to give off even more pollution, then this would completely cap off the maximum amount of pollution created from power plants. Only new and clean power plants would be allowed to be built or upgraded.

Step 3: Pass a law to stop allowing existing and unclean power plants to be repaired.

Furthermore, if aging power plants are not allowed to go under major repair and replacement, then attrition would eventually close all polluting powers especially if Steps 1 and 2 are enforced.

Step 4: Another law to close unclean power plants.

Systematically forcing functioning and profitable power plants to close would be nearly impossible, yet may eventually be a necessity. Luckily with the costs of clean power plants decreasing, it would hopefully be more cost effective to close polluting plants and open clean ones instead. This would be the most difficult step to implement.

In conclusion, it is obvious that all four steps of this plan would be impossible to enact into law at the same time, so each step must be isolated until successfully enacted in your government. Only then could the next step can start being supported. I recommend to implement these steps linearly from easy to most difficult.

Since each step is passing laws and regulations in every government in the world, we must have our voices heard. So, please contact your government officials, asking them to please restrict and reduce polluting power plants.

Thank you!

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/03/2007

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