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Possessions are a Burden

In our materialistic society, it may be sacrilegious to write, but I think possessions are a burden.

Possessions require time and money to be purchased, and if they are purchased using debt, then there is the extra burden of the interest owed. Possessions even take time shopping for them. Possessions may require periodic maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. Possessions can even be worrisome at times, especially if they were paid using borrowed money. Finally, some possessions require insurance (more money) too.

In the end, possessions own us. They are less than worthless, since we continuously have to put time and energy into them. Only if you plan on selling your possessions are they actually worth something.

It may not be consumerism, but I think possessions are a burden to us, even if they are a necessary part of life. That is why I believe possessions will never truly make anyone happy.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/05/2011

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