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Postponement is Abandonment

Iíve worked long enough to know that postponement is abandonment. This may not be true one hundred percent of the time, but it has been my experience that postponed tasks are seldom started and even more likely never finished. If I were to guess, I would estimate that over ninety percent of all my postponed tasks for my projects are eventually terminated.

Furthermore in my opinion, the duration a task has been in the postponed state has a direct correlation with having a greater probability of being terminated. For instance at my work, any software defect or enhancement that has not been worked on for over 6 months is immediately subject for review for being terminated. This is because software changes so much in only a few months, that the software code typically no longer significantly resembles previous versions. As a result, old defects are much more likely to be no longer valid anymore, because these defects reference obsoleted code.

So, it is my opinion that postponement does equal abandonment most of the time.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/02/2014

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