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Power Front Sunshades

Iíve seen cars with power rear sunshades that are factory installed, however I am not able to find power sunshades for the front windshield on any vehicle. I cannot even find manual sunshades for the front windshield that are factory installed either.

The only types of sunshades that anyone can buy are cheap after-market collapsible sunshades that you have to manually open and put up and later close and put down (and find somewhere to store it). The problem is that these sunshades seldom fit any car perfectly, since they are designed to work with the most variety of cars as possible. And there are no good places to store a large folded sunshade.

I would think sunshades that are custom designed for each vehicle and retractable into a hideaway location built directly into the dashboard would be the most optimal solution. Of course, the car probably should not be allowed out of park if the sunshade is in the extended position thus blocking the view of the driver, but I hope that is a safety feature that is not really needed. I am sure on the inside of the sunshade there will be a warning to not drive the car when the sunshade is in the open position.

I can only hope car manufacturers are reading my website.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/07/2012

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