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Preventing Damage from Leaky Sinks

There is a fundamentally flaw with every kitchen and bathroom sink in the world.

It is inevitably for sinks to eventually start leaking water. The problem is not to stop the leaks from happening, but it is preventing even more damage from the water. Basically, the real problem is that a slow leak of water is hardly noticeable until it is way too late. Meaning that the water has already destroyed the wood cabinet and dangerous mold may be growing too before anyone has noticed that there is a leak.

At first, I thought a good solution would be a simple moisture sensor under each sink, just like how fire alarms work but for water instead. However after reconsidering, there is a much simpler solution. Always have a large bucket or plastic container under each sink. This will catch and store the leaking water safely without causing damage for some time. However, this is not a permanent solution. You either need to add a drain to remove the excess water or maybe we would hear the dripping water better because it will be landing in a bucket of water instead of a flat piece of wood.

This is just a friendly recommendation that you can implement at your own risk, even though I do not think this would be too risky for a professional plumber to do. Unfortunately, I do not think there is anyone who is currently providing this service.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/04/2009

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