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Be a Productive Member of Society

I am really annoyed with all the freeloaders out there. So, I just had to sayÖ write something about it. In general, I can sort all the slackers that Iíve met into to categories.

The first category of slackers are those individuals that are not motivated to do anything with their lives. They never did anything outstanding or even noticeable in school and never completed college. They typically have jobs that pay near minimum wage and are regularly unemployed. A career is not even in their hopes. They usually live with their parents or roommates, because they can not afford living by themselves. They spend a huge amount of time watching television, playing computer games, or surfing the Internet. The strange part is that they do not care about themselves, they do no try improving their lives, and they do not have realistic dreams and goals. I suspect that these types of people are mildly depressed but not significantly enough for most people to notice, including themselves.

The second category of slackers are individuals that are wealthy or have wealthy parents. If they have wealthy parents who pay for everything, then they typically still live at home with their parents. Or if they inherited a large sum of money, they live a lonely bachelor life. Rarely do I sometimes find someone who had a very successful business, sold it, and is now retired even though they are quite young to be retired. However they attained their money, it does not matter, since these people are not motivated to do anything besides enjoying themselves. Sure, most of us dream of being able to retire one day and just enjoy life, yet there are a lot of people who never worked and never will.

Whatever type of person that they are, all of these people could be doing something productive or useful for either themselves or for society. They could go back to school to attain a well paying and satisfying career, or they could start a small company that would provide good jobs to people who need employment. They could even do volunteer work to help a good cause of their choice. Yet, that is seldom the case.

I strongly believe that everyone, and I do mean everyone, should be a productive member of society by always giving back to world instead of just taking. Whether it is a grandparent who looks after their grandchildren after school or a wealthy investor giving opportunities to those less fortunate, it is a matter of principle and morality to be a productive member of society by not being idle. By all means enjoy yourself, but be useful. The generosity and kindness of helping society will be well worth it.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/17/2007

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