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Proud to be Proud

I have always been confused as to why being proud is considered bad. So much so that pride, also known as hubris, is even one of the seven deadly sins.

I understand that narcissism or self love, an extreme of being proud, is obviously detrimental to someone's personal and professional life, but it has no other victim than that person. Typically narcissistic people eventually realize their faults and how others perceive them, and they change their ways.

Vanity is the other form of being proud. Vanity is the excessive belief in one's importance, one's own capabilities, or one's attractiveness to other people. Wanting to be important is a great motivator, and accomplishing importance is a great emotional high that most people seldom feel. Furthermore, having confidence in one's own capabilities helps achieve ever higher goals. Yet being overly confident about one's accomplishments may cloud one's judgment, but reality will always win in the end. And finally, how many of us would not be married if we did not have at least some confidence in our attractiveness to other people? Without some belief that we are attractive, we will never have friends or lovers.

Alternatively, humility is considered the opposite of pride. Humility is seeing one's self as one truly is and not comparing one's self with another person. In reality, people compare each other all the time, mostly without even conscious thought. It is the root of competition, capitalism, and wanting a better life.

I would not conclude that being proud is a sin, but rather a shortcoming that may cloud our judgments and make us not easy to get along with others. This shortcoming is the foundation of people's desire to better one's self and one's family. Just remember not to go to extremes, however I have no doubt that our friends and family will help us with that.

I am proud to be proud. I just hope I am not too proud.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/18/2006

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