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Proving Evolution

The debate whether evolution is a theory or a proven fact has gotten a lot of attention recently, especially on the Internet. So, I would like to FINALLY put this issue to rest.

According to Wikipedia, evolution is defined as "the change in a populationís inherited traits from generation to generation" through natural selection and changes to genes. These changes to the populationís genes can be from mutations, environmental, random, and/or intentional.

Therefore, proving evolution through scientific experimentation has been possible for quite some time. There have been thousands of well documented new species of life that were brought into creation only in laboratories through intentional manipulation of their genes and/or changes to their environment. Granted that these new life forms are mostly short lived and simple, such as fruit files, worms, house flies, bacteria, viruses (some people may argue if a virus is alive), etc., for the purpose of having sufficiently quick experiments that do not span an enormous amount of time. As a result, evolution has been proven in lower life forms, so why should more complex life forms, such as people, be an exception? It is only a matter of time that even humans are proven to be undergoing changes to our genetic make-up.

Additionally, there are about 4 billion years of fossils that prove genetic changes of almost every single species that exist now and even species that are now extinct. Just look at the Galapagos Islands for hundreds of examples of different species diverging into even more species in order to adapt to different environments. Scientists and researchers may not have a complete fossil record for every species, but there is no other scientific theory that supports the evidence of fossils. This direct evidence of fossils is by itself sufficient proof that evolution did occur in the past.

Of course, I have heard some people argue that God created fossils when creating the Earth, and God is directly modifying (or not) all genetic traits in the past, present, and future. However, this is blind faith, and faith is not even a theory or scientific at all. Faith is the exact opposite of a theory that can be investigated to be tried proven correct or incorrect. As a result, any serious discussion on the theory of evolution must exclude faith, since there is no evidence supporting faith and faith can not be scientifically investigated.

Interestingly, a lot of people are misunderstanding the concept of a theory, believing that a theory is an opinion that is open to debate, whereby a theory can be discredited without any evidence. A theory can not be logically discredited with faith. A theory is strictly the logical explanation of scientific evidence. A theory maybe replaced with a better theory if more evidence is found or if previous evidence has been discredited, but it does not mean that the lack of evidence, such as faith, can discredit the proven theory of evolution.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/13/2007

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