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Why Public Schools are Failures to the Best Students

Growing up through the public school system, I can attest that our school system does not bring out the full potential of students. Not even from the best students either. Sure, the public school system has a plethora of success stories, however I strongly believe that there are at least an equal number of contradicting stories on how the schools failed individuals, especially gifted and honor students.

Currently in the public school system, the two most important skills that a student learns are memorizing facts and taking standardized tests. I don't know about you, but I have never found a job that pays for memorizing facts and taking tests. I wonder if anyone has ever tried making a career as a contestant on game shows, but I am going way off topic. The best students in any school are completely and utterly unchallenged by memorizing more facts and taking tests each and every year.

Alternatively, the most valuable skills that a person can have in life is the ability to quickly understand new information and immediately apply it to solve real problems or create new opportunities. Throughout public schools around the world, this skill is not something that is emphasized enough. I have seen time and time again, extremely smart students are more concerned studying for good grades than thinking about what they just learned. As a result, even adults are thinking less about how new ideas, discoveries, and the news are affecting or could affect their lives.

I am convinced that students unconsciously believe that getting good grades in school is risk free, and free thinking in school is taking risks. When in actuality, the opposite is true. The more someone is able to creatively think for themselves, the more likely they will find more ways to succeed in life, in work, and in school.

As a result, we are handicapping our children with the current public school system. We need more people who are capable of creatively thinking for themselves. Please teach children how to think in addition to their homework!

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/15/2006

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