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Racist against Racists

Do you hate bigots? Are you racist against racists?

I find it interesting that some people who preach tolerance are not tolerant of those people who are intolerant.

Tolerant people consider themselves open-minded with regard to each race, nationality, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, religion, and belief. Yet, some people believe that the belief of racism or bigotry is inexcusable and not acceptable in modern society.

I find this belief hypocritical of tolerance. There is no way in this world to completely get rid of racism and bigotry, therefore it is something that should be accepted as inevitable even in modern society.

Only through time and patience, can we hope that racists and bigots will change their views.

So let's not add to the hate by hating racists and bigots.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/25/2007

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