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Reasons for Apathy

Apathy or the lack of “concern, excitement, motivation, and passion” is a common problem in today’s society, especially when dealing with difficult topics such as politics and the environment. So, I wanted to investigate the causes of apathy to help determine how to overcome them.

Here are the reasons that I found so far:
  1. Quality of Life: If a person’s quality of life is good enough, in their opinion, then the person lacks the biggest motivation possible. The only obvious solution to this problem is to continuously decrease the quality of life of the person who is apathetic until they become motivated.
  2. Ignorance: Lack of education is a big factor to apathy. For most people, if they feel ignorant of any topic, then they tend to shy away from that those topics. Only a person who is interested in something will seek out more information about that something, and become less and less apathetic. The obvious solution is better education on all topics for everyone, and this can only be addressed at home and at schools.
  3. Laziness: Laziness is a major demotivator. Not wanting to do something leads to neglect, neglect leads to apathy, and apathy leads to more laziness. As a result, laziness is a vicious circle with the only solution is to force oneself out of laziness. Here is an article that I once wrote about how to overcome laziness that I recommend everyone lazy to read, if they are not too read it.
  4. Fear: Fear leads to inaction, and inaction leads to apathy. The obvious solution is to address ones’ fears to overcome apathy through fear. I also wrote this article on how to overcome fear that I recommend reading.
  5. Overwhelmed: Just like fear, feeling overwhelmed leads to inaction, and inaction leads to apathy. My only recommendation is to start some action. Breaking the cycle of inaction will immediately make a dent in feeling overwhelmed, because doing something is better than doing nothing.
  6. Disappointment: Disappointment of results can also lead to inaction, and this inaction would also lead to apathy too. The only solution to this problem is trying to imagine new actions that could lead to better results and do them.
  7. Lack of Empathy: People who lack empathy are more likely to be apathetic. In my opinion, developing empathy can only be nurtured through observing people and self reflection. A person has to want to care to be empathic.
  8. Illness: Disease and illness, such as schizophrenia, can cause mental conditions.

If you think I missed a reason for apathy, please let me know.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/23/2011

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