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How to Recognize Junk Mail without ever Opening Them

My story started a couple of months ago when my in-laws got me a magazine subscription as a gift.

I admit that I have a very difficult last name; yet fortunately, my in-laws somehow managed a new spelling of my name. I can assure you that I have seen my name twisted and mispronounced so many times that I am never surprised by new variations.

However, my in-laws created a new variation of my name that was NOT even recognizable by me! Donít get me wrong. I am not complaining, because this spelling mistake of my name had some unexpected benefits.

As you can imagine, subscribing to magazines instantly gets your name and address on junk mailing lists. I even think I started receiving junk mail by this new name spelling BEFORE I got my first magazine subscription.

Well, the unexpected benefit is that I instantly recognize junk mail by the name that it is addressed to. So, I just toss these letters away without even wasting my time by opening and reading them, no matter how well disguised the junk mail may be.

Of course, I would not recommend this technique for your bills, bank statements, and other important mail. But if you try this technique to sweepstake promotions, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, and other promotional based mailing companies, you can save yourself considerable about of time and annoyance.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/13/2007

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