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Recycle Old Computers and Broken Electronics

Don't discard old computers and broken electronics. Recycle them!

Electronics have several toxic elements that can easily escape landfills by seeping through to underground water sources that we drink or escape as dust in the air that we breathe.

Furthermore, electronic devices often contain valuable metals (such as gold, silver, and copper) that can easily be reclaimed for new electronic devices. Recycling these metals is typically more cost effective than mining. Therefore, recycling electronic parts reduces the costs of new electronic devices that we all buy. Also, recycling computers reduces the need for mining that in return helps the environment too.

So, recycling old and broken computers and electronic devices is a win/win situation for both people and the environment.

We only have to drop off our old electronics and computers at designated recycling centers. So, please use online search engines, such as Google, to find a local recycling center near you and donate whatever you are about to throw away. Most cities even offer this service for free.

Alternatively, there are several junk removal companies, such as Just Junk, that will pick up old electronics, appliances, furniture, etc. and will recycle, donate, or dispose each item after careful inspection. They do all the difficult work, while we are helping the environment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/08/2007

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