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Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Water Heaters

I think I have another idea on how everyone can save money on their electric bill.

Since the city’s municipal water is stored and pumped underground in pipes, tap water comes out of the faucet very cold. If you want hot water, you need a water heater to raise the water’s temperature and to keep the water insulated to maintain the higher temperature more cheaply than heating the water more often.

But what if the water entering the water heater was already warm or hot? Then the water heater would use less energy to raise the temperate of the water.

This can easily be done by having the water go through black pipes in direct sunlight before going into a water heater. These black pipes can be on the roof of any building or even directly underneath a black driveway. Therefore, the sun will heat the tap water before entering the water heater, so the water heater will have to do less heating. The black pipes will also help to absorb the heat and insulate the water too. I believe the additional cost of strong black pipes and installation will more than pay for themselves. My only concern is how severe cold weather would affect these pipes and water. I assume a little bit of testing could easily prove how strong these pipes would have to be in order to not be damaged during the winter time.

In conclusion, not only will this very simple system save everyone money on their electric bill, but it will also help the environment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/03/2008

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