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Humanity's Responsibilities

It does not matter if God created man or if man created God. For all practical purposes, "God is dead" as Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote.

Mankind now lives in an age of science and reasoning. For instance, our laws are governed more by reason than by religious beliefs. Furthermore, our logic dictates our morality instead of religion dictating morality over the uneducated masses. Our ability to reason now dominates our lives, our beliefs, our cultures, and our world.

Even if God exists, mankind can no longer depend on what it can not control and has no direct influence over. It is time for mankind to be completely independent from the need of divine intervention. It is also time for mankind to be completely independent from the desire of divine intervention.

In other words, it is time for mankind to grow up into a responsible adult. Humanity needs to be self determinate, and humanity must want to be self determinate too. It is now the responsibility of mankind for mankind. Mankind now has the responsibility for the entire planet too.

Only by ourselves and without unproven beliefs, can mankind bravely face the universe and overcome challenges as a responsible adult. This is the only practical guarantee for the future of mankind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/15/2008

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