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What You Need to do when Global Warming Causes Rising Sea Levels

By the end of this century according to Time Magazine, sea levels could rise by more than 4 feet! This means that in less than 100 years, global warming will most likely cause most of the coastal cities in the world to be significantly under water. How well prepared are you for this if and when it happens?

If your home is in a low lying area, then you need to prepare ahead of time. The obvious solution is moving to higher land. Preferably before real estate prices drastically increase because of the decrease in available land. Also, you could purchase empty land ahead of time, such as for your retirement, away from the low lying coast, such as in the mountains.

Even if your home is on high ground but your region is mostly low lying land, then you will probably be affected too. Thus, you still have to prepare, because your local infrastructure (such as roads, electricity, clean running water, police and fire departments, businesses, etc.) may cease to exist in some areas. Some of your local regions of high land will in essence become either islands or inaccessible, thus the infrastructure may never be restored there.

If you own a business in a region of low lying land, then you also have additional concerns. Will your business survive even if your local infrastructure temporarily fails and the local population starts moving away? What if you are a farmer with your most valuable asset, your land, disappearing under water? I recommend that all new businesses and factories should be built in high regions that are reasonably safer from the rising water caused by global climate change. Existing companies will need backup plans to relocate their coastal offices, warehouses, inventory, etc.

If you work in a low lying region, then you will most likely lose your job. Since a large number of people will suddenly become unemployed at the same time, how well prepared will you be? How about if you lose your home at the same time? Hopefully, rising sea levels should be slow enough for people to be able to adapt quickly.

Therefore as a result of global warming and global climate change, everyone needs to start preparing for rising sea levels. So be prepared to buy land in higher elevation, move you and your family to higher regions, and find employment or start a new business in these new regions. Also be prepared for the increase in real estate values, decrease in available land, increase in population density, decrease of available food, etc. I think you get the idea.

We may not live in a bright future, but those of us who are better prepared will be better off.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/20/2007

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