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Safety Issue with the Ford Edge 2010

I recently purchased a 2010 Ford Edge, and I think I have discovered a major safety issue with the vehicle.

The problem is that the bezel (the plastic faceplate) around the carís radio is highly reflective. Since sunlight reflects from down below, it is almost impossible to shield my eyes from the sunís reflection and I am not just referring to glare either. This is especially an issue when turning, because the sudden sunlight in my eyes can and does temporarily disrupt my vision. The only solution that I have found is that I am forced to wear sunglasses when driving my Ford Edge when the sun is out. After owning the car for about a month, I even called Ford about this problem, and they were NOT able to do anything.

Take a look for yourself at the picture below. I don't think this picture shows the full effect, but you get the idea.

Safety issue with the Ford Edge 2010 Radio Bezel

As a result, I do not recommend this car to anyone.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/26/2010

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