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Safety Issue with the Honda Odyssey

I recently purchased a 2012 Honda Odyssey, and I am quite annoyed with a feature.

Essentially, when the car is idling or when I take my foot off of the gas pedal, then I may get an "ECO" light that activates on the dashboard. This "ECO" light means that it is in fuel economy mode, because only three out of the six cylinders are running. And when I accelerate again, the "ECO" light may turn off.

The annoyance is that this "ECO" light is continuously flickering on and off on the dashboard. During a fifteen minute ride, I believe this "ECO" light turned on and off about 10 times, if not more often.

Lights on the dashboard are suppose to signal that there is something wrong with the vehicle, such as low fuel, low tire pressure, engine overheating, etc. or that the driver turned on or off the headlights or turning signals. Unfortunately, this "ECO" light consistently grabs my attention, because I subconsciously think there is something wrong with the vehicle. In my opinion, this distraction happens way too often and has become a safety issue by removing my eyes from the road when they do not need to. I only wished there was an option for me to permanently turn off this "ECO" indicator light. I do not need or want to know each time the vehicle changes mode, since there is nothing that I am suppose to do and there is nothing that I capable of doing it about it either.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/29/2012

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