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Franco Bartolini is a retired engineer, a toolmaker, and a concerned environmentalist. Since the sixties, a family planning activist; growing vegetables, rabbits and ducks for food and to experiment about food independence in urban areas; design and experiment with wind driven grain mills. Since the eighties, manufactured and sold solar cookers, to alleviate deforestation, and prepared recycling chain systems suitable for South African cities.

However, lately, it is becoming alarmingly clear that all the work and efforts by the many environmental organizations and individuals concerned with the many separate environmental issues and threats are failing.

Global warming is the frightening proof that the damage and destruction of most of humanity's life support systems is accelerating out of control. It is therefore, necessary to try different strategies if we want obtain different end results.

One of the causes of failure to alleviate any environmental damage or threat is that the common denominator in all the environmental crises i.e. overpopulation has either been overlooked or no one has the courage to discuss it.

Another cause of failure is that all environmentalists continue to use strategies which are 30, or more years old.

For example, since 1985 the time of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior bombing, in New Zeeland strategies have not changed; however, the world population has increased by 2 BILLION people by 2009. Tragically, Greenpeace continue to decline to discuss overpopulation.

This free booklet is an attempt at kick-starting debate about this sensitive issue; overpopulation is damaging humanity and the planet. Why canít we talk about it?

Download the free eBook, called "Saving Humanity", by clicking here!

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/28/2009

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