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Selecting a College Major

Were you told that, "When you grow up, you can be whatever you want to be?" Most of us were probably told this, but is it a good thing?

When we were children of about 5 years old, it was inspiring to want to be a fireman or police officer; but what about when we were 17 years old, and we were ready to enter college? Most of the people that I grew up with never really knew what career they really wanted. Or if they did choose a college degree, they hardly knew what they were getting themselves into.

Most children are told that they should choose a career with what interests them. The problem with this idealistic goal is that it doe not take into account for job availability or salary of those careers ahead of time.

Is having no job prospects at graduation or a job with poor pay worth the satisfaction of a job that you like? I think not. Today, there are so many people who are doing what they love, whether they are artists, musicians, etc.; but yet, the fact that they cannot make a decent living is making them miserable. These people are getting great emotional satisfaction, but the reality check of these careers is very difficult. Job satisfaction is the delicate balance of both personal interests and financial rewards.


Therefore, a college major should be selected with the brain and heart. To do so, follow these simple rules. First, select several fields that you are interested, but not a specific job in that field; such as the field medicine, instead of selecting a doctor or nurse. Selecting several fields is better. Second, find all the jobs in those fields that are currently in demand and predicted to be higher in demand in the near future. You can use the Internet to find this information. Make note of any jobs that have low or decreasing demand. Third, estimate the pay range for these jobs. Again, use the Internet to obtain this information. Finally, find out what college degrees are necessary or recommended for these careers.

By the time you have finished gathering all of this data, I am sure that you will find yourself much more motivated in a career that both pays well and is personally interesting. Additionally, you will be much more informed with college majors and the jobs associated with them. Therefore, the college major that you should choose should be what will yield you the greatest gain in both future financial rewards and personal interests.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/05/2007

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