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Self-Confidence is Key in Poker

As many of us know, self-confidence is a key to being successful in any part of life, whether we are talking about personal or professional. The game of poker is no different. In fact, many people that play the game of poker tend to undervalue the importance of self-confidence when trying to improve their game. Today, we will look at how a person's self-confidence can positively impact their game.

Self-confidence in poker is more than just the good feeling a person gets when they are running well in a game. In fact, a person's self-confidence should be irrespective of how they currently feel in relation to the game. Instead, it is the knowledge that a player knows what they are doing in the game and knows that their actions are correct based on the situation.

This can affect a player's ability in several ways. When a player has strong self-confidence in poker games, they are able to make moves and plays that others would not be able to make. This is because the player with confidence in their ability knows that even if this particular move does not work out, they have the ability to come back.

In tournaments, self-confidence is key when dealing with the vast array of players at the table. If one does not have confidence in their poker skills, they may play too tight and get taken advantage of by other players. Having confidence in your abilities at the table will help you adjust to the various moves from other players and help you gain more chips.

A key benefit of self-confidence that is overlooked by many beginning players is the type of image that confidence in yourself gives at the table. Someone self-confident in their game can be a bit intimidating. They play with no fear and other players pick up on this fact. This makes some opponents timid in their play against confident players and gives the confident player a psychological advantage over his opponents.

Ultimately, self-confidence is just another of many mental skills that poker players must develop to be successful. As a player becomes more experienced in the game, they will ultimately find out that self-confidence in their ability may prove to be the greatest asset they have in their poker arsenal.

by Paul
on 01/12/2012

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