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Sequestering Trees

To combat global warming, we have been told to plant more trees. This is because when trees grow, they remove carbon from the air and sequester that carbon in their ever growing bodies until the plant rots or is burned.

Unfortunately, mankind has not been planting enough trees to offset human activity.

So this got me thinking, we need to grow trees and then bury those trees. Furthermore, mankind needs to also replace those trees with young saplings to indefinitely repeat the cycle.

However the cost of growing trees and then burying them is too high. Just the cost of growing trees is too high.

The best viable solution to decrease this cost is to primarily grow the fastest growing trees or plants, such as bamboo and algae just to name a few. And then permanently sequester the carbon captured in these super fast growing plants.

So the next question that needs answering is what is the most cost effective method to sequester trees?

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/24/2018

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