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Serving Humanity

The human intelligence knows no limits and the unsurpassable knowledge of scientists have led to unimaginable breakthroughs. These human advances have set insurmountable precedents in all walks of life and expanded our horizon. However, in all this hustle and bustle little do we realize that we have lost the very essence of the human soul? We know more about the universe, bacteria and viruses then we know about ourselves. We are so involved in the inconsequential things in life and attach value to superfluous and materialistic things that we have forgotten to serve humanity. We have forgotten the very purpose of our existence. If you intend to rejuvenate your soul and work towards serving humanity, it's never too late. Here's how:

Step 1: Set your foot on firm grounds

You need to be self-sufficient in order to extend a helping hand towards humanity. To materialize your thoughts one should be on that certain level of self-actualization to be able to understand the suffering and areas of life that demand our attention. That is why the first step towards serving humanity is to invest in you. Carve out a personality that you have dreamed of becoming and take inspiration from well-known philanthropists whose will and desire to help man-kind was the driving force of their life. Choose your field of interest and employ the best possible resources to develop the necessary base of knowledge, skills and the instinct to reach new heights. This is when you will be fully equipped to have the power to help others. After all, it's easier said than done.

Step 2: Exercise a deep sense of judgment

Do some soul searching and go into the depths of your personality to get to know your thought processes. Rummage through your brain and precisely identify why exactly do you wish to serve humanity? What is it that bothers you the most? The first step towards resolving any problem is getting to the very root of it. This will not only help you gain a thorough understanding of the problem at hand but will serve as a major motivational factor in the long run. Objectively getting to know your desires and identifying your drawbacks may help you channel your energy in the right direction. After all, who wouldn't want their efforts to bear fruit?

Step 3: Be consistent in your efforts

One ripple can set up currents in the entire pool of thoughts and adding on consistently to a firmly established cause step by step can ultimately culminate to something worthwhile. Persistent and concerted efforts in one direction eventually yield results and that's what keeps you going. Your passion will give you direction and your abilities that you have worked on and the resources that you have amassed over the years will back you up undoubtedly.

Step 4: Believe in yourself

Assigning importance to the note-worthy things in life will automatically help you transfer those qualities to mankind and serve humanity in an indispensable way. Have faith in your inner strength, trust your instincts and let your heart lead the way if you feel you are on the right path.

Step 5: Pair up with like-minded people

Be humble and have the audacity to voice your opinion and share your thoughts so that you may be able to build up a squad to help you further your goals. Be flexible and open to candid opinions that may add a unique insight to your philosophy and get together to accomplish new avenues. This could most likely mean empowering the minorities by connecting them to scholarships and grants, which may equip them to build their future. However, your altruistic cause can be strengthened by a good network of people pursuing a mutual cause. You don't necessarily need monetary resources to establish viable connections as a strong character and a heart of gold suffices.

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by Barney Whistance
on 01/29/2016

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