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8 Signs That You Work Too Much

From time to time, we all work too much. Here are a few signs that you are working way too much and need to work on your personal life.

  1. You literally dream about working.
  2. You check your work email even when on vacation.
  3. You answer your home or cell phone as if you are still at work, such as "This is COMPANY XYZ. How can I assist you?"
  4. You have your hands waiting for the sink to automatically turn on, and you are wondering why the toilet has not already automatically flushed itself when you are at home and neither are automatic at home.
  5. Your spouse or significant other threatens to leave you.
  6. Your pets won’t play with you.
  7. Your kids are shy with you.
  8. You dial "9" first when calling from your home or cell phone.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/02/2007

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