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Top 18 Signs Your Department is Being Laid Off

18) Everyone is invited to LinkedIn.

17) People are cleaning their cubicles.

16) More people keep joining you for lunch.

15) No more meetings. Yay!

14) The company's internal job listing website is down.

13) Fewer emails.

12) You ask your boss for work.

11) is down.

10) You get a call by your co-worker asking if your security badge still works.

9) Your boss hands you his resume.

8) Donald Trump is invited to your department's town hall.

7) People start taking pictures.

6) People come in just for lunch.

5) Your boss' boss asks for an external hard drive to backup files.

4) People stop holding back their true feelings.

3) No more locked cabinets.

2) People start watching TV on the Internet.

1) Scavengers from other departments show up.

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