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Simple Headache Relief

Have you noticed that lightly rubbing your temples on your head temporarily alleviates minor headaches?

I am not a medical doctor, and I have no idea why this works. I don't even know if it really helps with headache pains or if it is only a psychological remedy. Heck, I don't even know if it is safe to do. But it seems to work just fine for me, at least for minor headaches.

If you know why it works or if it is safe, please let me know and I will add that information here.

I also find that I am not able to continuously rub my temples for a long period of time, if my headaches are persistent. So, I sometimes use a tight headband or a tight adjustable hat to do the trick so I don't have to use my hands. Just don't make it too tight, or it will make your headache worse.

This simple remedy does not cure migraines. You should definitely ask your doctor before you try this relief, and especially if you get headaches often. It may be a sign of a major medical problem that needs immediate attention.

I take no responsibility, so go see a doctor immediately.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/29/2010

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