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Smartphone Notification Enhancement Idea

If you are receive a lot of messages (emails, texts, instant messages, etc.) on your smartphone like I do, then I have an idea to increase our productivity on our Android phones.

I find that a vast majority of the time when I unlock my phone, I then immediately swipe down to view all of my new notifications. I do this more than a dozen or two times a day. However, I seldom ever use the Homescreen to launch an application.

Therefore, my idea is to have an option that I can enable and disable, that if I have any new notifications, then my notifications will automatically be displayed when I unlock my phone instead of showing my default Homescreen that I typically ignore.

That's it! It is a wonderfully simple feature that would save me time almost ever time that I use my smartphone.. and that is a lot. This feature might not save a lot of time each time that I use it, but it would quickly add up to a lot of time each day.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/13/2018

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