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Smartphones and Tablet Computers will Evolve or Die

The smartphone and tablet computer craze seems very odd to me. My basic problem with both smartphones and tablet computers is that both platforms are not very efficient for doing work, when compared to regular desktop computers, laptops, or the new even ultrabooks.

I've concluded that smartphones and tablet computers are primarily for fun.. especially for portable fun. Smartphones and tablet computers are very limited and inefficient when doing actual prolonged work. For example, it is possible to read and send emails from both types of devices, however people whose jobs rely heavily on emails would prefer larger user interfaces (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) that a full computer (desktop, laptop, or ultrabook) provides. Even surfing the Internet on Smartphones and tablets is functional; however, it is not as enjoyable as on a full computer.

While laptops and ultrabooks are portable, they do not fit in the pocket like tablets and smartphones. That is the main reason, in my opinion, that tablets and smartphones have an advantage over a full computer. Additionally, the weight of smartphones and tablets are significantly less than their competitors thus making them even more portable. This is why I think ultrabooks are starting to gain popularity. They are the combination of a very small laptop computer while being as near portable as a tablet computer.

The other major reason why smartphones are better than a computer is for making and receiving phone calls. However, online phone software, such as Skype and Google's phone call application built into Gmail, are starting to become serious competition to smartphones now.

Therefore, I conclude that the user interfaces on current smartphones and tablet computers will continue to change to be more user friendly; or else, smartphones and tablets will die off as ultrabooks become more portable and versatile.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/18/2012

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