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Social Baby Naming Software

It can be very difficult for expecting parents to pick a baby's name, so why not have a software application that can organize this task. This software application should be an online website and/or smart phone app. Expected parents can use this software application to help track baby names that they are considering or have already considered. Furthermore, friends and family members can log in to suggest new names, view names being considered, and make comments on each name.

Basically, here is how the software application will work in much more detail.

Expecting parents would log into the software and create an account. The software would ask for their friendsí and familiesí email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc. The software would then email/text their friends and family asking for baby name suggestions. Parents would have the option of not providing this information from their friends and family; but instead, the parents can directly contact their friends and families with the link or access to the software using a generic guest account.

All friends and family would have a user or guest account, where they can only "suggest" new names. All new names are "suggested" names or names that have not yet been considered by the expected parents. Of course, expecting parents can add new names too. Parents, friends, and family member can also enter a brief comment next to each name too.

At any time, the expected parents can log into the software application using their parent account, and tag any name as "considering", "rejected", "selected", or leave any name with the "suggested" tag. Other tags can be customized by the parents and made immediately available. Here is a brief definition of the default tags. "Considering" names are names that the parents are seriously considering naming their child. "Rejected" names are names that the parents have chosen to not use for their child's name. And "Selected" names are names that the parents have tentatively chosen to name their children. Parent can select multiple "selected" names, in case of more than one baby (twins, triplets, etc.) or if the sex of the child is not known (thus a boy name and a girl name need to be chosen). Any name can be re-tagged any number of times from any tag to any tag by the parents. Other users can NOT change the tag of any name.

At any time, friends and family members can see the entire list of names, the tag of each name, and comments. By default, the names should be preferably sorted by tags. Whenever a name is selected, rejects, or considered, all users can be notified if they chose. This is an option each user can chose.

The definition, history, alternative spellings, and literary references of each name can be provided to help expected parents select or reject each name.

Now, I just need to find someone who knows how to implement this great software idea.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/27/2010

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