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Socioeconomic Stability

Reading about the Chinese society, culture, and their motivations, I have come to a realization that I am not sure most people, not just the Chinese people, are aware of.

The environmental damage from our global industrial civilization is the primary result of our manufacturing and consuming society. People tolerate environmental damage for the advantages of more affordable goods and socioeconomic stability. By socioeconomic stability, I mean the social stability through primarily education and employment for the masses and economic stability though financial self-will with the possibility of gradual improvements. As a result of this socioeconomic stability, the chaos of the world appears to have been tamed into being more manageable and more understandable.

Therefore, it can be concluded that stability is believed to be more important than being with harmony with nature. However, environmental damage is already causing socioeconomic instability, especially in health and safety, and will only exponentially increase instability as pollution continues to increase. Eventually, climate change will probably be the greatest cause of instability and chaos to our global civilization.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/20/2013

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