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A Solution for Politicians

As the old joke says, the meaning of some words can be easily guessed. Take for example the word "politics". Well, "poli" or "poly" means several or many, and "tics" are blood sucking animals. So, politics means several blood sucking animals.

This is probably close to what most people think of politicians, however most people would agree that politicians are a necessary evil. Countries, cities, companies, etc. are all dependent on politicians for them to continue to work smoothly, and when not working smoothly, they are responsible to get society working smoothly again.

So why is it that politicians are so disliked? I will tell you why. It is because politicians usually enter office with grand idealistic thoughts on how they will change the world for the better. However, after some time, these politicians become career politicians. They become more interested in getting re-elected or elected in a higher position than doing the right thing.

To solve this problem, I believe that we should re-elect no one. No person should be allowed to run for a political position while being in a political office. As a result, politicians will be more connected to the outside world since they will periodically be the outsiders, and this would leave plenty of room for new politicians with new ideas and noble goals to take office. Therefore, career politicians will become a thing of the past and political corruption should decrease.

Please remember on election day: RE-ELECT NO ONE!

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/14/2006

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