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Why do Foods Taste Better when Someone Else Cooks?

Have you ever wondered why foods taste better when someone else cooks?

Well, I think the reason is extremely simple, yet most people never take the time to understand why.

When someone cooks food for themselves, they smell and maybe taste most of the ingredients during the preparation of the food. Remember that tasting food comes from primarily the sense of smell. Furthermore, chefs smell and most likely taste the food throughout the entire cooking process to ensure that the meal is being prepared properly.

As a result, chefs do not have the sudden surprise taste of even the most fragrant of dishes that they cook. Basically, cooking dulls the senses of the foods being prepared because of the continuous exposure of the tastes and smells of the food. Alternatively, when someone else prepares a meal for you, the food will have such an unexpected taste that it will make the flavor seem stronger and therefore better.

Now that Iíve explained why food cooked by other people tastes better than our own cooking, I hope that we will have more appreciation when others cook for us.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/18/2008

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