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Stop Killing Christmas Trees


This is the other Christmas Grinch again. I'm here to convince people to stop murdering Christmas trees needlessly.

There is no good reason to chop down an environmentally friendly tree for a decoration that will only last about a month. Instead, use a living potted tree. So after the holidays, you can re-plant the tree. If you are luckily, you may even use the same tree for several years, thus saving a bit on money. This is also better for the environment, since larger trees do more for the environment than small tress. Additionally, fewer resources are needed to grow fewer trees.

Alternatively, you can buy an artificial Christmas tree. These types of trees are much more cost effective considering how many years they typically last. Thus, they do less harm to the environment by not killing any trees for decades. Especially since trees are our best and cheapest defense against carbon emissions that are probably causing global warming.

I hope that I've successfully convinced you to stop murdering Christmas trees, start helping the environment more, and help saving yourself some money too.

Happy Holidays,

The Other Grinch

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