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Stop Playing Car Music

When I am already trapped in someone else's car, I'd rather not be tortured with their music too.

We all are periodically chauffeured by someone else in their car, and we are typically grateful for it. But why do people think we will enjoy their music too?

Most likely, the music choices of two people (even family members) will vary greatly. Even if it is the type of music that I like to listen to, I may not be in the mood for it at the moment. If I needed a ride, then my mind is most likely on other matters.

I have four recommended solutions that are very simple and obvious in my opinion. First, I typically keep the music off when I have guest(s) in the car. Instead, I try talking with the person(s). Second, if I really want music, I keep the volume low as if it is only background music, so it is not obtrusive. Third, I try to vary the music a lot, so that it does not become too annoying for my guest(s). Fourth and finally, I let my passenger(s) pick the music instead.

I hope with this little care and consideration, other people would do the same for me.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/04/2009

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