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Stop Pork Barrel Politics

Even though pork barrel politics is considered improper by most people including politicians, it is extremely pervasive in almost every political government in the world.

Some of you may be asking what is pork barrel politics. In short, it is when one politician (or political group) modifies a proposed law by adding a benefit for the constituents of an opposing politician (or political group) to gain their support and vote for the proposed law. For example, if a politician is uncertain if a second politician will vote in their favor, then the first politician may modify a proposed law to favor the second politician's voters, such as a new highway proposal in the first politician's region would be modified to include a completely unrelated funding for education in the second politician's region.

This type of politics has become standard practice in some countries, especially in the United States of America where it is more common than the alternatives, even though it is widely considered as political bribery. This bribery has been mostly ignored or not addressed as a major concern, because it primarily benefits the voters rather than the politicians themselves. However, politicians do appear to be doing more for their voters with very little or no effort on their part.

Now imagine a government where pork barrel politics is not practiced and even illegal. This would mean that each and every proposed law would have to be ratified or approved solely on its' own merits. This would make passing of new laws much more logical and morally correct.

I am not saying that this is likely to ever happen, since this type of politics is more common than not and the politicians who could make this change have no desire to change the current system, but just imagine what if...

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/12/2006

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