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NASCAR = Pollution + Higher Gas Prices

Yesterday, I went to my first NASCAR race. It definitely was an experience that I will never forget. There were the fans, the cars, the foods, the drivers, the drinks, the pit crews, crowds of people, the smells, the noises, and did I mention the HUGE crowds of even more people?

The one thing that caught my attention the most was the sheer amount of waste everywhere. The fans were discarding piles and piles of trash without any recycling bins in sight. The pit crews were discarding used tires equally as fast and continuously filling up their racecars with whatever type of fuel they use.

As a result, the racecars were billowing pollution faster than I've ever seen before. It even made breathing difficult at times, especially with the burnt rubber from the tires. It even gave a friend of mine a headache. Then it occurred to me that all this fuel burning to go around in circles is a waste of oil. It also increases the price of gas for everyone.

I know a lot of people will think that the entertainment value, the revenue generated from the industry, and trying to break records is worth the cost of fuel, but is it really worth all that pollution?

I donít think so. Therefore, I will never support NASCAR again.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/18/2007

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