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Superstition versus Reason

A lot of people still believe in superstition, such as opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck, walking under a ladder is bad luck, a black cat crossing someone's path is bad luck, and breaking a mirror will give someone seven years of bad luck.

However in today's modern world, most people are aware that science has disproven every superstitious belief. Science has proven that there is no such thing as luck, including both good and bad luck; but instead, there are statistical probabilities for every event. Even basic logic taught in grade school teaches that superstitions can be easily disproven with a single example. Furthermore, a single instance of an unfortunate incident does not correlate to a previous event if not directly related.

Unfortunately even with logic and reasoning, superstition is still very prevalent in our society.

This is why when I hear someone repeating superstitious nonsense, I always reply with one of these sayings: "superstition is not logical" or "please stop spreading your outdated beliefs".

If enough people also do this, then superstitions will become extinct as they should be.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/20/2009

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