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Most people think of atheists as people who do not believe in any religion and even God. However, atheism includes not believing in any supernaturalism, superstition, religion, or faith that is not based on science and reasoning. Furthermore, a new movement of atheism is growing international support that supports two additional beliefs. First, atheists are now not only condemning any belief not based on science and reasoning; and secondly, atheists are condemning the respect for these types of beliefs. These new fundamental changes in atheism are seen as a natural progression in our technologically driven, scientifically modern, and well educated society.

These new fundamental atheists are called by several different names, that include New Atheists, True Atheists, Modern Atheists, and sometimes even Postmodern Atheists. Whatever their names, it is clear that this shift in attitude and tactic is a new cultural change of how people throughout the world are starting to think and act.

One of the fundamental beliefs in atheism is that the theory of evolution, through reasoning, can only lead to atheism. Therefore, evolution contradicts all religions and the belief in God. As a result, there is no middle ground, such as creationism. Creationism is not based on any evidence or fact that can be scientifically examined or verified. Therefore, creationism is not a theory of science, but rather a theory of religion. Even agnostics, who are not committed to the existence or nonexistence of God, are being renounced by the New Atheists; because all scientific evidence points away from religions.

Atheists are convinced that religions and faith are just superstitions passed on since at least the Bronze Age, and that religion is also morally wrong and at times even evil. Just look at the extreme case of the Islam religion that supports murder, terrorism, suppression of women, and lack of education. Even Christianity has been known to support slavery and forced colonization. Even today's Catholics do not support the use of condoms for religious reasons, even though condoms are proven to prevent diseases and children from parents who can not afford children. Or Catholics who do not believe in divorces. Or the orthodox Jews who do not use electricity or fire on Saturdays. The list goes on and on.

As a result, the world's intellectuals are slowly moving away from traditional atheism towards New Atheism for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately, most of the world's population is too set in their ways to convert easily. New Atheists should instead concentrate on converting two types of people. First, it would be easiest, through direct reasoning, to convert agnostics who are already closest to atheists. These are the people who are our scientists, engineers, doctors, and professors who are already educated in the scientific discipline. Second, the next generations of children are still open minded enough to embrace science and reason instead of religious superstition. Science classes in schools should teach that science and reasoning are the opposite of religious faith. This will help break the cycle of children who are brainwashed at a very early age.

I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

Let our reason overcome our superstitions of religions, and our intelligence control our sciences and our destinies.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/23/2006

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