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Teaching Patience

Parents today want their children to have more than what they had, yet parents often neglect to give their children what they had.

For instance, todayís generation of children typically have their own private bedrooms with a television, their own toys, their own cell phone, their own computer, and eventually when they are old enough even a car. As a result of all of these things, children do not appreciate these gifts as much as previous generations did. Furthermore, children are often more than just spoiled, because all of these items give immediate self gratification when they really wanted some attention. Eventually, children require these immediate distractions in order to combat their boredom, thus kids develop shorter attention spans with little patience.

The obvious question that you may be asking is probably this: If patience is a virtue, then why donít parents teach it?

In todayís society, it is far easier to distract children, than it is to teach personal development skills. For instance, parents can too easily purchase a new toy or turn on the television for their children than it is to stimulate and equip their childrenís natural sense of curiosity. This curiosity will lead their children through self learning whereby they would slowly learn the rewards of hard work and patience.

Basically, the easiest method for parents to teach patience to their children is by not buying them things, but by giving their children an opportunity to investigate and learn about these they are interested in. Using this method, parents can eventually teach their children the same hard lessons that they painfully learned too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/24/2008

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