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The Benefits of Delegation

It is often impossible to do everything that needs to be done.. at least doing everything yourself. Therefore, it is often useful to delegate certain tasks to other people. As a result, it is useful to know the four benefits of delegation before delegating any task.

  1. First, delegation focuses attention and increases productivity. By assigning lower priority tasks that are typically easier to do than higher priority tasks, allows delegators to better focus on more important and more difficult assignments. Keep in mind that training and supervision may be necessary when delegating new tasks, which leads to the second benefit of delegation.
  2. Second, people with assigned tasks will learn new and valuable skills when working on delegated tasks that that they have never worked on before. Eventually, these newly delegated tasks will not require any training or supervision, thus increasing the productivity of the delegator and the entire team.
  3. Third, delegation helps manage time effectively. For instance, when less skilled employees work on less skilled tasks, this allows skilled people to concentrate working on more skilled tasks. As a result, delegation helps manage the limited time of more skilled employees.
  4. Eventually, delegation has the added benefit to give employees more time to work on new assignments and challenges, since it is always a good idea to prevent a job from becoming repetitive and boring.
In conclusion, it may be difficult to start delegating work assignments that you are familiar with and know will be done correctly by you, but these advantages of delegating repetitive tasks is a great motivator.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/03/2009

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