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The Blame Game

Recently, I heard a racial slur against Jews because of what they supposedly did to Jesus Christ. This insult was not against the Jews that were alive two thousand years ago but against the Jews living today. On the same note, Iíve heard African-Americans in the United States blame Caucasians who are alive today for the slavery that ended over a hundred years ago.

This begs the question of how can the descendants be guilty of the crimes of their ancestors? The answer is that they cannot and should not be held responsible for actions that they were not involved in.

Otherwise, most of Europe should still fear Germany. Most of Asia should still hate Japan. The Jews should still resent the Egyptians for enslavement thousands of years ago. History is littered with examples of one group of people severely devastating other groups of people to the extent that almost every nation, tribe, religion, and group was at war with their neighbors at least once in their history.

Mankind is supposedly now living in a more enlightened time, yet people still have resentment over other people for previous actions in history. It is now time for people to get over historical hatred and move on for a better future.

I only hope that the Middle East can learn just a little bit from this philosophy.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/10/2008

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