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The Decreasing Quality of Movies

Letís face a sad truth. The quality of most new movies has been decreasing for quite some time, and it is getting worse.

Maybe it is because we are getting older. I mean that maybe the more experienced and wiser we become in older age has caused us to have higher expectations. Maybe movies are getting worse because they are now targeting a wider audience. Only twenty years ago, movies were made mostly targeting just the American population, but now the entire world population is the target audience. Maybe movie studios want safer bets when they spend hundreds of millions of dollars per film, so the end results are more mediocre films with less risk taking. Maybe this is why new movies are mostly sequels, re-makes, and prequels to previously successful movies, and we see fewer movies with daring, new, and original stories. Maybe it is because too many movies are being made in Hollywood. Maybe it is because movies are being rushed when created, especially written. For instance, movie studios spend millions of dollars in special effects, yet spend less than a fraction of that for a well written script.

Whatever the reason, this has got to change or the movie industry is going to have major problems in the near future. Sure, mega blockbusters that make huge sums of money are the norm in this day in age. This is because movies are now being released worldwide at approximately the same time with a huge amount of advertisement. However, more and more people are noticing that new movies, including these blockbusters, are no longer as enjoyable as they once were.

Therefore, I have two suggestions for movie studios. First, a lot of existing writers and directors are continuously producing horrible movies. Everyone in the business knows who these people are, so just stop hiring them. Take more risks with new writers and directors that have fresh new visions of what movies could be. Thus, stop with the sequels, prequels, and re-makes unless they have a superb script. Second, hire independent writers who can provide healthy constructive criticism on the movie scripts from other writers before any actors are hired. I would personally love a job where I help fix movie scripts, especially science fiction films that have gotten exceptionally bad recently.

I also have two suggestions for everyone else. First, stop watching new movies on opening weekend without first checking multiple reviews on the movies that you are interested in watching. Donít see movies that get horrible or mediocre reviews, no matter how much special effects or publicity it may have had. Second, it would help sales if movie rental stores would also post independent movies reviews in their stores, such as giving their customers access to an independent movie website such as the Internet Movie Database ( Stop trusting devious advertisements that movie studios created, such as television commercials and reviews on their DVD boxes.

If more people, who love watching movies like me, stop supporting mediocre and awful movies by being more careful to what we watch, then this would have a long way in helping more great movies to be produced.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/12/2007

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