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The End of Man

I believe that humanity will not be able to survive forever. Nothing lasts forever.

The human body is so frail that it can barely survive on our own planet, let alone travel in space. Furthermore, the amount of time necessary to travel to other planets, other solar systems, and even other galaxies is far too long for the human lifespan and even way too long for generations of humans.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way for humanity to survive, at least in memory, is to leave a legacy before we cease to exist.

The human legacy that will most likely survive and colonize the known universe are artificially intelligent robots. Robots are not bound to the physical limitations of the human body and could possible survive the millions of years necessary for traveling between stars without many issues if any at all.

These artificial intelligent beings will probably one day become more intelligent and more powerful than human beings too. This is not necessarily bad, since it will be the equivalent of parents wanting their children to become more than what their parents are. Basically, these artificially intelligent robots will be the offspring of humanity and possibly of all life in the universe. Poetically speaking, robots will be the child of mankind.

Furthermore, I think humanity is just a stepping stone for evolution, and that robots will quite possibly be the next step in evolution. However, I still wish that humanity continues to exist long after we are obviously obsolete.

These robots will learn and think for themselves, and they may even disagree with mankind. They may even oppose the very existence of mankind; yet whether they like it or now, they will be the legacy of mankind. Their continued existence after mankind has faded away will be the final testament of mankind's greatness.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/31/2010

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